The Amazing Spider Man 2 Villain Revealed

By introducing a new Poster we have come to know that The Amazing Spider Man 2 Villain Revealed!

Fans of the web swinging hero, Spider Man have increased after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man. It was nice to see a different type of villain whose goal was to turn every human into a reptile like himself instead of killing Spider Man. Now, two new posters have been released for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which reveal that Spider Man will be going against a new villain, Electro. An old villain, the Green Goblin has been tossed in to make the movie more exciting and enjoyable. The film’s promotional strategy for this movie was like, “Hey, Jamie Foxx is totally blue in this thing, flies, and shoots electricity from his hands! (oh and look, it’s Green Goblin and a Rhino mech-suit thing).”

Fans must be getting impatient to see the new posters of the movie, so here they are:

The amazing spider man 2

The amazing spider man 2

The amazing spider man 2

Hopefully the fans may like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as it is not overcrowded with villains, when compared to Spider Man 3, which included Venom, Sandman and the Green Goblin. Also, some fans have said that they were disappointed with The Amazing Spider-Man, because it was boring. Well, to some fans, it might be boring to them but it was an exciting movie to the rest of the fans.

With the increase in the number of Spider Man’s villains, Sony has commented that Spider Man being a franchise, Sony is building an army of Spider Man’s villains films. The enthusiasm which Sony shows regarding it’s competition with Marvel, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox in creating its own series of interconnected superhero films, the same level of interest does not seem to be there in Spider Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to be released on May 2, 2014, so just wait patiently for 4 months.

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